Host Guidelines

Here are host rules of the road to make sure your Harlem Experiences are enjoyed by everyone.

Host Rules

  1. Be polite.
  2. Be an adult. This means over 18. Sorry!
  3. Be clean. Don’t post anything obscene, profane or hateful.
  4. Be respectful. Don’t discuss disputes with others or with Harlem Experiences.
  5. Be lawful.

Host Etiquette
Be creative! We want you to offer the best possible experiences but not everything is Harlem Experiences-friendly. If your idea is something that falls under these categories, we’ll have to say nada:

  1. Shady, illegal or unethical experiences.
  2. Escort services.
  3. Experiences that are intended to coerce or convert.

Follow the law, all rules and licenses.

  • Don’t be scandalous – we want people to buy your experience on Harlem Experiences.
  • Don’t send people to other online venues to buy the same experience.
  • Don’t expect to make any extra tips and don’t take extras if people offer them. Experiences are priced fairly from the start, so encourage guests to comment, email, post, blog or tweet about your great experience on our Facebook page instead!

Fee Policy
Harlem Experiences hosts keep 30% of the revenue (less credit card processing fees) for each completed booking.


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